We developed an app that allows to search through Omega’s vast collection of watches based on their different features.

powerful cross search tool


A new approach to learn, to sell and to interact with their catalog of watches, jewelry and leather goods.

intuitive elegant unique design


The Omega boutique app, created exclusively for the iPad, provides an engaging and unique user experience for each product category (watches, jewelry, leather).


3D visualisation of Omega retail stores.

An interactive 3D visualisation of Omega retail stores around the globe puts the user into direct contact with the closest distributor.

cross search through the entire content: images, texts, watch collection jewellery and leathers.


The sales tool is distributed all over the world and a price list for more than 20 countries can be remotely updated and is being sent through encrypted networks to prevent users from seeing prices from unauthorized countries.

Together with the Omega team we revolutionize the selling experience and  sales tools.